Paul Rucker



“Three Black Wall Streets” was created to bring attention to the vibrant Black communities that were prosperous and self-sustaining, and which no longer exist. This interactive site highlights the key players and moments in history that contributed to the creation of these thriving communities. Many are familiar with the Black Wall Street in Tulsa, OK. The other two are less talked about. In fact, there were three Black Wall Streets: Tulsa, OK, Durham, NC and Richmond, VA.

This Paul Rucker project is a collaboration between the artist Paul Rucker, the William Wilson Corcoran Visiting Professorship in Community Engagement at George Washington University, and Kevin Patton, Assistant Professor of Interaction Design at George Washington University. Professor Rucker led a class that compiled the research and organized the stories, while Professor Patton led a class dedicated to the design of the site and its presentation. Rucker also worked with B.A.S.E., Black Art Student Empowerment at Virginia Commonwealth University where he is Curator for Creative Collaboration.

Design Team

Research Team

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